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Congratulations! Bridge Winners!

Congrats to the balsawood bridge winners. We wish them luck on their trip to Portland, Oregon. Please support them by contributing to the many fundraisers to help make the trip. Good luck!


3/20/14 CAL Poly Pomona Field Trip

On Friday, students went to CAL Poly Pomona. Students enjoyed the large campus that had many things to see. We were all interested by the huge and many buildings it has, such as the engineering building, arcade, and even a library named after the owner's horse. Our tour guides were very informative and talked about what they are studying for. We arrived at just about the time the finals are done by. Many students were thinking of going to this fun school.


3/7/15: Our CAL State LA Competition

This Saturday, the school went to CAL State LA for our competitions in our projects. Students worked on and tested projects such as the balsawood bridge, Eggxpress egg drop, mousetrap cars, model heart, balsawood plane, and speak out. Many of our peers won 3rd, 2nd, and even 1st places in many projects. We hope to have our winners win the regional competition. Congratulations and good luck!!!



2/26/15: Our First "Noche de Ciencias"

Our Noche de Ciencias was really interesting. Our students got to participate in many fun activities from many students from Cal Poly Pomona. They helped make a chemi-car that used baking soda to help it go. Another project was making a bottle rocket with some that flew very high. A paper glider was made that flew a great distance. Both students and parents alike had lunch from food by the Arctic Hotspot. Finally, questions were asked to our visitors about college and many people learned about the many engineer opportunities each student had. Everybody experienced a unique open house that they've never seen before.

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